Dreaming of a white Christmas

snowy road
©Mia Salminen

A lot of people dream about a white Christmas and luckily the South of Finland will have it. This is the art part of it.



Last Photo Challenge- Best of the best

So here we are, the last The Daily Post Photo Challenge. It’s been a good run. I started the challenge in January 2014. Here are my All-time favourite photos.

This was my first ever photo I posted for the challenge. It might not be my best work but it was memorable. It’s morning in Stockholm and it was my mother last cruise. She passed away in 2013.

misty stockholm
This photo was my most popular. Actually, most popular ever on this blog. It’s taken with a macro lens. It’s a sunflower.

sunflowerLast but not least. My favourite. It’s a ski trip in Lapland. It was a time when cancer wasn’t even close to our family. I like it because I manage to catch movement which is not the easiest to photograph.

gone but not forgottenSo there you have it. Such a shame The Daily Post decided to end this great photo challenge. Among others. So thank you again.

gone but not forgotten
©Mia Salminen

This was when there were no sign of illness. I don’t usually post personal things but when I saw this week’s photo challenge, gone but not forgotten, I thought of my mother. It’s almost a year since she passed away. 2011 was the last time we went skiing in Lapland. We used to go there almost every year. Slalom skiing was the hobby of our family. I really miss her. Especially when her death day is getting closer and Christmas too. RIP Mum.