Uniform in action

guard in uniform
Guard in uniform in the back of King’s Castle in Stockholm, Sweden, 2017.


WPC: Between Extra

Last week’s Extra combined with this week’s Between.

Last week I thought about what I should post but I didn’t really know what. I went to a cruise on Midsommer Eve to Stockholm, Sweden (came home this morning, June 21) I was on deck with my camera when I saw upon a cliff, these department buildings with a smaller department in between. The cruising ship was getting closer to the harbour so there were a lot of common gulls flying around. And then one of them just happened to fly by just as I was taking a picture.

I thought, there it was, Extra!. Today I saw this week’s challenge. And Bingo!
So I killed two birds with one stone, so to speak 😀

(no birds were hurt in this photo challenge)