Snow in April

snow on a yardLong time, no see. Yesterday (Saturday 15) we had snow and it’s April. A surprise indeed but that’s Finland for you. Never know what kind of spring there will be. The snow has now melted though.


Just when you thought spring is here

Today the spring should arrive but we get snow. Some like it, some don’t. Personally I don’t mind at all. There’s not been enough of snow here this winter anyway. Besides snow is beautiful ❤ And you can’t fight with Mother Nature, can you?!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Varkaankuru, Ylläs Ski Resort

This is taken in 2011. It’s from a ski resort in Finnish Lapland. It’s more steep than it looks. And it’s also quite narrow in the beginning. I’ve slalom skied since I was 6 (once a year at least) but it took me years to found courage to go downhill from this place. The end of the hill it’s just straight down without having to turn. Just enjoy with the wind in your hair. This is the last time I skied and it was also my mother’s last trip to Lapland before she got sick. We went to there almost every year and a few times in the summer. It was our tradition since I was 2 months old. Of course I started to ski much later.