Look at that face

It was July 2021 when I walked through a local park. Then I saw these faces made with red clay on a few trees. Who knows who made them, but now they are gone.


Create a comparison

©Mia Salminen 2022

It’s kind of fun to create a photo comparison with different seasons from the same place. The photo on the left was taken in March, and the one on the right it taken today (June 11). You can hardly believe it’s the same place. It’s a ski resort in my home town. In summer you can walk or run to the top, with suitable shoes, of course. The view is fantastic, so it’s worth it.

Get over the bridge

Wooden bridge
©️Mia Salminen

My city has quite a few bridges. Most of them are for the traffic. But there is also this wooden bridge that you can walk over to the other side of the river. The bridge is on the sidelines, so not many people know about it. You can’t get to it by car, which is good because people live close to it. But it’s suitable for walking and cycling.

Yo, what stump

stump of a tree
©Mia Salminen 2022

Sometimes you need to do some grooming in nature. I was taking a bike ride and came across this stump. The tree doesn’t look old, so there must be another reason why they have taken it down. The stump could be used as a table or chair of nature; it’s so clean cut.