A light moment

©Mia Salminen 2014

This is a moment waiting for the dance show to start on the cruise ship. I’m practising to take photos with motion captures which frustrates me a lot. All I get is blurry ones. I didn’t even think saving this but then I thought the colors are nice. You never know when you need photos like this.

Summer Lovin’ or something like that

Saturday on the sea

A heat wave hits your country and you want some relief. At least for a while. Hm, where to go?! Hit the beach? No. Swim? No.

Take a cruise on the sea of course. Nothing is better than feel the wind in your hair. When everyone else is sweating on the shore, you’re just enjoying the fresh air. But when you get home, you just want to go back.

Sounds like an ad for a cruise, eh? 😀 Heat wave, no thanks. But a day on the sea, yes thank you.