Finnish squirrel

squirrel posing on a tree
©Mia Salminen

There are different races of squirrels in the world and this is how they look like in Finland.



A duck, a duck and another duck

ducks resting on grass
©Mia Salminen, Järvenpää, Finland 2009

Ducks resting on the grass. This photo is actually an assignment I had in 2009 when I studied graphic design. It was about testing different manual settings.

Going on an adventure!

To the cemetery that is. Not an adventure like Bilbo Baggins or Frodo did.

©Mia Salminen
©Mia Salminen, May 2014

In the cemetery there’s a lot of squirrels around and they’re quite tame. This one realised I was taking a photo of it. It looked like it was having a dialog with me. Like a photographer having a photo shoot with a model. The squirrel kept posing from one side to another of the tree. Kind of funny moment.


©Mia Salminen
©Mia Salminen, May 2014

One of them came really close so I freaked out a bit. I managed to take a picture of it, the reason it’s blurry. It was quite an adventure even if the cemetery is the most quiet place there is.