Yo, what stump

stump of a tree
©Mia Salminen 2022

Sometimes you need to do some grooming in nature. I was taking a bike ride and came across this stump. The tree doesn’t look old, so there must be another reason why they have taken it down. The stump could be used as a table or chair of nature; it’s so clean cut.


The Adventure of the past

Been to places in Europe, has had its own adventure. But also what’s close to home. Here are photos I’ve taken from the past.

Nothing compares to you

snow on the streetless snow on street
What a month makes

These photos are from the same place. The left one is taken on January 21, and the right one is on February 26, 2021. That’s winter in Finland. At least we had snow in the South. Some winters, there is not. I still walk more than a yard, no matter what the weather is like. With the rights clothing, you can be outside no matter what.