A light moment

©Mia Salminen 2014

This is a moment waiting for the dance show to start on the cruise ship. I’m practising to take photos with motion captures which frustrates me a lot. All I get is blurry ones. I didn’t even think saving this but then I thought the colors are nice. You never know when you need photos like this.


5 thoughts on “A light moment

    • It has a lot to do with your camera setting as well I think. I guess that’s my biggest problem. Even taking a photo of the moon with a tripod makes it blurry.


      • well we will stumble through together! i am so confused about all of the different things we need to know most of the time, but being confused is better than not thinking about it at all, i guess. 🙂

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  1. I think it’s a really interesting pic. Sometimes what we think are mistakes turn out better than some of the more conventional ones!


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