There is always time for cake

Having your cake and eat it. There is always time for cake. You name it. The best is the one’s you bake yourself. Here are my birthday cakes I made myself through the years. Those I’ve taken a photo of. I’m definitely a cake person. I could eat them on any occasion.

Independence Day of Finland 2019

Finnish flags under 2 candles
Taken with Windows Phone by me 2019

Today it’s the Independence Day of Finland. There’s a Ball on TV (which I don’t watch) and we lit 2 candles. Which is not about being a scrooge but because it’s a Finnish tradition.

Winter should be cold and snowy

winter collage
Photos by me

Today we got snow for a change. The winter in Southern of Finland is mixed. One day there is snow and the next rain. Winter is my favourite season but not when it’s like that. The first photo is from Lapland some years back. The last is one I took at the beginning of this years November but only stayed for a while. They say there will be less snow over here in the future because of the climate change and that’s not good. Snow makes outside much brighter than this grey we have now.